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Located and based in Rogers, AR. Serving NWA.

Our story

About Us

K&K Auto Detail uses incredibly effective modern and advanced methods of car detailing for a streak free, shiny, and a guaranteed satisfactory outcome.
Furthermore, we offer multiple services to fit all of your needs. Services from exterior, interior, and enhancements can all be booked through our website. Our process to get you started is as easy as a click of a button!
As a result, our priority aims towards prioritizing all of your needs whether small or large! Don’t believe it? See our testimonies


Our Services

We are a mobile car detailing service based in Rogers, AR. Our services, for instance, range from deep interior cleanings, exterior cleanings and up to paint enhancements & more!

Accepted Payments

At the moment we accept only CashApp, Venmo, Apple Pay, Cash & Check.

Supported Vehicles

We currently support Sedans, SUV’s/Jeeps, and Trucks(Non-Commercial)

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Most frequent questions and answers

Although there are several detailing businesses’ with a common goal in mind; Our customer service, mobile detailing option, pricing, satisfaction, detailing experience, and quality of work differentiates our business model from the rest.

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your vehicle with the proper equipment, chemicals, and techniques extends the life of the vehicle aesthetically. Cleaner cars are shown to sell 4% more than unclean cars. Furthermore, an improper maintained vehicle can diminish the value by up to 40%. As a result, methodical & advanced car detailing allows for results unachievable from modern automatic drive-thru car washes.

You will usually be asked what parts of the vehicle are higher in concern than others, and can determine which part of the car will need the most work. You can expect the appearance of your vehicle to change drastically regardless of the condition/state it is in. 

You are encouraged to view the progress and result of the vehicle during/after our services are being performed. Likewise, our policy allows you to pay after the service has been completed. Therefore, creating an environment of comfortability & confidence in our work.

Our Requests

We ask that you please allow access to electrical outlets, and a water faucet. However, we bring the rest.

Please leave the vehicle unlocked, and if possible with the keys in the vehicle. Most importantly, this allows us to clean efficiently

We ask that you please remove any belongings, and anything deemed important. For example, receipts, invoices, registrations, identifications, etc..